Up and Coming Black Female Superhero in Marvel’s “Luke Cage”

Black female superhero? Indian? Latina? What?

It is not often that we see women of color take on superhero roles in a movie. It is even rarer to see them play superheroines in a tv or web series. That is why emerging actress Simone Missick is breaking barriers as she stars as Misty Knight in Marvel’s “Luke Cage”.

black female superhero Misty Knight:

Misty Knight was first mentioned in a Marvel 1975 comic.  Her abilities include hand-to-hand combat aided by her superhumanly strong bionic arm.

When Simone Missick auditioned for the role of a cop named Missy from her living room via video, she didn’t expect to land the role of a Marvel superhero on the upcoming Netflix series Luke Cage. The description of Missy read: “Smart. Badass. And a cop,” she recalls. Missy The Cop was actually Misty Knight, the crime fighter known in Marvel comic books for her bionic arm. “We all know about Storm,” says Missick, referencing the famous weather-controlling X-Men character. But Misty’s lower profile allowed Missick the very unique experience of interpreting the character on the small screen for the first time. – DuJour

The show will premiere on September 30 on Netflix.

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