Moonlight’s Joi McMillon is the First Black Woman Nominated for Film Editing

Meet Joi McMillon, the first ever black woman nominated for Film Editing (Moonlight) at the 89th Academy Awards.

McMillon told The Huffington Post that she understands the milestone comes with a responsibility to cultivate and inspire future film editors of color.

“I know whenever this situation happens, whether you want it or not, a lot of times you are the first and you become a role model to the next generation,” she said. “And for me, I don’t take that responsibility lightly.” 

“I hope that in becoming the first African-American woman to get nominated in the Editing category, I hope it exposes a younger generation to what an editor actually does, and they’ll garner some interests and maybe wanna know ‘What does an editor do?’ and ‘Maybe, I can be an editor.’ So I think it’s really cool, and it feels a little surreal, but it’s definitely a really cool place to be.” – The Huffington Post

#OscarSoWhite does not hold true this 2017. The list of this year’s Academy Awards nominees, which was announced Tuesday, is diverse and unprecedented. In fact, this Oscar season is record-breaking for black cinema. What’s more? Many of the films nominated show America how multi-faceted the black experience is, and this includes Moonlight.

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